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    Biotic interplay between tropic and sub-tropic America

    Santiago, Chile, January 14-16, 2016

    Organized by Luis Felipe Hinojosa and Mary Kalin Arroyo; Universidad de Chile and Institute of Ecology and Biodiversiy

    The aim of the Network for Neotropical Biogeography (NNB) is to understand the mechanisms underlying the historical assembly and evolution of Neotropic biodiversity, which constitutes a major challenge in biology, and will require hitherto unrealized inter-disciplinary scientific collaboration.The primary goals of the NNB are to: 1) Promote scientific interaction; 2) Stimulate the exchange of material, students and researchers; 3) Increase inter-disciplinarity between different fields; 4) Discuss and plan joint projects and grant applications; 5) Stimulate collaborative field work and reciprocal help with field collection of research material; 6) Inform on upcoming events, recent papers and other relevant material.

    You are more than welcome to attend to the fifth meeting of the NNB that we entitled INTO AND OUT OF THE TROPICS: Biotic interplay between tropic and sub-tropic America, where we will focus on the evolution of both tropic and temperate lineages their contribution to biogeographic patterns in South America(among other topics and projects in Neotropical biogeography and evolution).

    We will have two days talks (Jan 14 and 15), arranged at the Faculty of Science of University of Chile, Santiago city, Chile. There also will be time for a poster session, multiple coffee breaks and plenty of opportunities for interaction.  On Jan 16, we will have two field trips (Andean Flora and Fossil bearing of Navidad Formation).

    Additional information about the NNB5will follow, including a webpage for registration.

    Please help us to advertise this meeting to any potential participants. We hope you will be able to attend NNB5 and look forward to hearing from you.

    Luis Felipe Hinojosa                                                                                    Mary Kalin Arroyo